location and date set

Exciting news on the wedding planning timeline. We have a venue and a date set. Yippee!!!

We decided on a friday night event – we have people coming in from out of town and this allows us to spend saturday with them before they go home. So January 28th it is!!

We had two great locations in mind. We did not have a lot of choices as we had some unusual needs for our event. First no way am I getting married in a hotel – 1. way to expensive and 2. not really my style. So we were looking for something that met our “theme” of rustic glamour (more on that later), would let us party late, have both the ceremony and the reception, central to Seattle, let me bring in my own deserts and meet our non existent budget!

We first looked at the Engine Room in Georgetown. Amazing old space – the look and feel we wanted with a 24 hr. rental period giving us lots of time and amazing owners to work with. I was sure this was it – and then we started talking about all the work it would take to decorate the space. How many friends we would have to enlist, how many ladders we would need and how cleaning all that up early the next morning does not sound like fun.

So on the hunt again – Mr. Ramon suggested I look at Sole Repair in Capitol Hill. We have been to several events there – but I have never looked at it from my own event perspective. We met with Grace the event coordinator to look at the space. Seeing it empty allowed me to visualize my event and it seemed so much more do able when it came to decorations. They have a great bar staff that will do a wine tasting with us and Grace was very flexible with the items I am bringing in and when they can be picked up etc. I love that there is a loft area where we can have soft seating and that the entire space is re – used and recycled – giving it that rustic urban look we are going for.

So now that we have put a stake in the ground – Mr. Ramon and I are meeting this Friday to put together a timeline and some deliverables so we can move forward!! So exciting!!


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