i got a Bobble

So I have been working my butt off at the gym these last couple of weeks. Mr Ramon knows how important it is that I get in shape before the wedding – so he offered to get me my gym membership and a trainer to whip me in shape. So nice of him and I totally appreciate it.

I generally cannot stand to exercise. And sitting at the store this last year took a heavy toll on my health and weight. So I am in need of a overhall.  To say that I am actually enjoying it surprises me – but I think that carving out this little piece of me time makes me feel so good – and getting this body moving has made me feel so much better.

Last week while my trainer was torturing me I almost passed out or threw up. I knew that I had not had enough water the day before and that I needed to start taking water to the gym with me. This leads me to the Bobble.

Mr Ramon and I popped into The Container Store and I immediately saw this big display of all sorts of water bottles. People in the pacific northwest are all about their fancy water bottles.

I ended up getting this very cool bottle called the Bobble. It was $9.95, is made in the USA of recycled materials, has a squeeze top so you can use it hands free, is free of BPA and the best part is that it has a carbon filter.  So as you drink you filter your water. Awesome for me as my drinkning water is heavy on the chlorine. This little filter will work for 2 months or 40 gallons of water. The refills are $7.95, so you are looking at $4 a month for filtered water and no bottles to throw away.

It came in pink and green and black – which was what I chose of course. I took it to the gym with me today and it performed very well!!


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