potato leek soup

Mr. Ramon is a bargin shopper – and I love him for it. He keeps us on budget while we do our weekly grocery shopping. Believe me – it is hard to do. Once while shopping at Whole Foods for a party we were hosting – he said “you have a lot of $7 items here in this cart” yeah – $7 cheese, $7 olives, $7 pancetta – thats my style. But really that is a once every few months type of cart – we try and be super frugal while having tasty items in the house.

So he grabbed a 15lb bag of russet potatoes one trip – they were totally on sale. I was sure we would never get through the things before they began to sprout – but we did. I few baked and roasted then the rest went into this amazing potato leek soup.

I pulled the recipe off of Food Network. It has no heavy cream or milk in it – so that saved us some fat and calories. I had bacon on hand so I used that instead of pancetta. Three lovely foods – potatoes, leeks and bacon – yum!  I pureed it with my immersion blender for a smooth texture. It was delish!


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