Iowa Squirrels

So here it is I unveil my love of squirrels. Yes – the little vermin with those cute fluffy tails. I love watching them play in the tree branches and chase around the tree trunks. I love watching my dogs chase them – knowing they are never going to be able to catch them .

When I travel I am on the lookout for squirrels – especially city squirrels. New York and Chicago have some awful nice ones.

Ramon just traveled to Iowa for work. Now I had placed a few things on Ramons’ agenda while he was away. One was to find me a taxidermy squirrel. I really want one for one of my wedding tables. And heck – Iowa seemed like the kind of place to find one. He knows of my squirrel love and heard from a couple of people that there were these black squirrels in Iowa. I wanted to know what the heck that means – what is a black squirrel – after all grey is the classic. A little more investigative work and he learned that these black squirrels hang out in the cemetery. Weird – right?

Here is what you wear in Iowa to sneak up on squirrels in the cemetery.

Here is the cemetery.

And here are the squirrels – the first picture is a black squirrel and the second is his friend mr. auburn squirrel.

Mr Ramon said they were so cute chasing each other and playing. One of the best things about this time of year – the squirrel fun.

Oh yeah – if anyone out there has a taxidermy squirrel that they would let us borrow – just let me know!!


One thought on “Iowa Squirrels

  1. I live in San Antonio, TX. We have a ridiculous amount of squirrels in our backyard. We also have a pool. Did you know that squirrels can’t swim? Yes, 8 bodies later I can fully vouch that squirrels CAN NOT SWIM. Gross.

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