Save this Date!!!

So exciting – our first big milestone was hit. We sent out save the dates on the 6 month mark from our wedding.

This is a big accomplishment for us as Mr Ramon has been insanely busy with a big project and it was a team effort so we needed to coordinate all the different pieces.

We had originally decided to screen print on wooden postcards – but then got together for a brainstorm session that left us interested in fabric, sewing and screen printing. We are really trying to do all of the elements of the paper goods for our wedding ourself (with the help of some amazing friends and family) – not wanting to out source or go the mass produced way. We both love paper goods and tend to geek out on them all the time. I spend way to much time perusing blogs filled with paper goods and right now with wedding on the brain it could fill up all my days if I let it.

We hit up a local fabric store and found two prints that were indicative of our “rustic glamour” theme. A little home spun a little fancy. My first part was to get the fabric fronts and backs together with a iron on binder.

Then I cut each piece out just big enough to go into the envelope – and pinked the edges.

Then it was Mr Ramons turn – get paper and screen print the image on and cut them all to size. He has a really great friend who screen prints – so this was a chance for him to learn some new tricks. Once that was done I was back to work. I glued the top of each paper to the fabric so it was secure to sew. I chose coordinating thread for a nice visual pop.

As the timeline drew near – I had some assistance from my mom with the sewing. We left the edge strings a little long – they looked so nice.

Ramon also made some nice wrap around labels for addressing our save the dates.

So the finished look was this – and we were very happy with the results – they spoke to what is to come at our big day as well as hand crafted and unique. Such a fun project.


4 thoughts on “Save this Date!!!

  1. Artsy + clever! Not too rustic though. Can’t imagine how many you had to complete. No doubt saved $$$$. Are invites similiar colors/shades (blues, pinks, greens, white) of your wedding decor? Nice! Hope you’ll allow us bloggers to peek at wedding pics next year! Best of ~

    • thanks – we loved the idea of hand sewn on vintage fabrics – not rustic in a cabin sort of way but in a more of older days hands on kinda way 🙂 the fabrics we chose were not because of any color choices but just because we loved how they looked. and yes – I will be showcasing the planning
      journey then pic of the big day!! thanks for reading!

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