summer summer summer

bad me – I have been away so long. Summer has arrived and has been keeping me so busy. Here are some quick hi-lites to get us up to date – then I promise to be here more often.

Our local pizza place started serving brunch a few weeks ago Рwe went Рit was not bad. unfortunately they stopped this weekend as they were not getting the traffic they needed. But I thought I would show the pictures anyway and if you are a Pizza lover like I am you need to try All Purpose Pizza here on Jackson St. Everything is made from scratch and their sourdough crust makes me oh so happy!!

A couple of our best friends had their commitment ceremony and I baked all the deserts for their reception. This included some amazing lemon bars. I had never made lemon bars from scratch so this was a fun endeavor. I hand squeezed all the lemons and added plenty of zest. The first batch could have cooked a few minutes more – but was set enough to be cut. Overall they turned out great and were the first thing to go.

I also made a lovely 3 layer coconut cake – this was my trial run on an amazing cake I am planning on serving at our wedding reception. I don’t have any finished pictures of it – but I had a major issue with the cake itself and had to re-bake the morning of the event. Here are a couple pictures of my disaster – first time anything like this has happened to me. It all turned out great – but I was worried for a moment.

And on that note – I say good day to you all!!


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