Sparrow Bakery – Bend, Oregon

Mr Ramon and I took a long weekend to go to Bend, Oregon. This is where I grew up through the age of 14. We all moved to southern California then – but my mom and her husband moved back to Bend two years ago. They have 3/4 of an acre in unincorporated Bend – fully fenced the pups could run safely in their own personal dog park.

I love visiting Bend – so much of it is the same from my childhood and so much is new and bigger. It has a small town feel and nature is so close at hand. Mr Ramon spent the weekend golfing, fishing and eating. I spent time with mom antiquing, completing decorating projects and eating.

I wanted to find a great bakery while I was there and share it with all of you. Sparrow is a hidden gem in Bend. The cafe is only part of the picture – Micah the owners passion lies with bread – and about a year ago he opened Bread LaVoy on 3rd street in an old donut shop that I remember fondly as a child. His bread is mostly wholesaled – but at the 3rd street location you can pick up a fresh loaf.

The four of us had a great lunch at Sparrow.  I loved the building immediately with its old brick and charming decor.

I had heard about their hand folded croissants – and had to try them. I am not a huge croissant fan as they seem airy and flakey and a bit boring. These were amazing – heavy and loaded with butter – perfectly crisp and browned on the outside with a moist and chewy center with layer and layers of dough.

My mom and her husband had the soup de jour which was cream of mushroom. They shared the croissant.

Mr Ramon had the Sparrow version of a Monte Cristo sandwich and I had the tuna melt – both yummy!

Here are some other goodies from their case – they all look amazing.

If you find yourself visiting or driving through Bend – stop by Sparrow – you won’t be sorry!!


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