sparkly thank you tags

My friend June is having her 40th birthday and to celebrate is having a few friends over for snacks and drinks. I love June a lot – she is an amazing woman. And 40 is a big deal so I wanted to do something a little special and decided to put together a little thank you gift for the ladies coming over.

I decided to do a lemon sugar cookie and wrap them in a little bag with ribbon and a pretty tag – I love tags and anytime I am selling or giving goods I ask Mr Ramon to print me some tags. With spring/summer finally trying to come to Seattle I thought that a nice robins egg blue would be so pretty.

These are the tags we printed –

Now I know that Martha Stewart does a real good job marketing her products – and making a pretty penny off them – but sometimes I get sucked in. And this glitter was the perfect color. Of course this “glitter glue” is just glue – but I needed some anyway since mine has all dried up.

I punched a hole for the ribbon to go through then made a little border of glue and then added the glitter to it – once it dried I blew off the excess.

Here they are all drying.

I filled my bags with cookies and tied the ribbon on and added the tag – and voila!!


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