wedding planning begins

Since becoming engaged in February Mr. Ramon and I have rambled about on the topic of our wedding. I started looking through wedding blogs for DIY inspirations and dreaming of what it could be – our perfect night.

How happy am I to have a guy who wants to be involved in every decision made ? Very – at the moment, though I can see this also being a pain in the butt as we continue to move forward. He is a designer and has very specific ideas in his head. My job – get him to articulate them.

We came up with the 2 most important things for us – look awesome and have great music. All other elements being secondary.

We tried to put our “theme” in words – it would have been so much easier to understand if it was “ranch themed” or “preppy”. We settled on describing our theme as “rustic glamour”. Not sure what that means – well we are trying to figure it out as well. Think Anthropologie – in the sense of found items, open beams, rustic details and a dose of candles, sparkle and glamour.

We landed on a month – January. I really want a winter wedding. Cold, pouty day with clouds and maybe rain.

We chose a time – we are looking at an evening wedding with desert, dancing and drinks to follow.

Here are a couple of images that I found that are little bursts of inspiration.

Next week we conquer venues – of course we are looking for something specific – so our options are limited. So pop back and see what we found!


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