Fresh Flours – Ballard

Had to run over to the end of the world this morning – Ballard, so I thought I would check out the new bakery I saw next to Bastille a couple of weeks ago.

Fresh Flours is a cute little shop – utilitarian and basic. Just the way I like it. They have all their pastries laid out on the counter as you walk in behind a glass sneeze guard. They have a cold case with juice and sandwiches in it also. When you look back into the space you can see all the ovens and baking racks – a sort of exposed kitchen. (In fact when I saw this place – I said – “why not me – I want this”)

I could not decide what to take away with me so I grabbed a couple of basic items to test them out. Upon talking with the girl behind the counter I learned that they are owned by a Japanese couple who love the art of French pastry infused with subtle Japanese flavors. This explained the azuki bean brioche and green tea cookies.

I picked up this apple turnover. I am a huge fan of pocket type pies and the turnover is my favorite flakey favorite. This version had a thicker than expected exterior with more of a chew than a crisp bite. The apple was nice – perhaps a little sweet. A very pretty pastry.

The other two sweet items I grabbed were a chocolate chip and a peanut butter cookie. I like to try out the basics at new places to see if they can win me over with them – before I dive into their specialties. Getting the basics right is so important I think.

The cookies were soft in the middle and chewy around the edges. Overall tasty – the chocolate chip may have been a touch to sweet – but the peanut butter was spot on.

I also picked up a sandwich for my lunch – after much discussion with the girl working. I love egg salad – my mom makes the perfect egg salad. We are purists – so only egg, mayo and salt/pepper. Always on white bread. Sometimes on white toast for breakfast. The girl at Fresh Flours said their egg salad was a bit dry – but had no mustard – a must. So I decided to give it a whirl. The bread was a bit dry – but that may have been on purpose so over the day it would not get soggy. Other than needing a bit more salt it was not bad. I must say – it did not stick around for a photo – sorry!!

Next time I am in Ballard I will stop in and give one of their Japanese inspired pastries a whirl.


2 thoughts on “Fresh Flours – Ballard

  1. i’ve been going to their Phinney Ridge location for the last couple years. developed a taste for their pecan currant croissant. not a typical croissant by any means (obvious by appearance as well) but still very delicious with pockets of dough separated that make it almost like a pull-a-part type pastry. highly recommended.

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